Navigating workflow builder

The Workflow Builder interface enables users to have an effortless experience in designing and implementing a workflow for business processes. The various components of the workflow builder help in creating a custom workflow diagram that dictates how the business processes will run. Thus, we can automate these business processes in a seamless manner.

How do you navigate to the Workflow Builder interface?

To navigate to the Workflow Builder interface, from the Studio dropdown menu, select Workflow builder.

The Workflows screen is displayed.

What are the components of the Workflow Builder interface?

The Workflow Builder interface consists of four major components. Please refer to the above image to understand the four components (labeled respectively) of the Workflow Builder interface.






The list of existing workflows in the system


Search workflows

The search bar where you can search for the required workflow from the list of existing workflows


View Drafted Workflow

The button that navigates you to view the last three workflows that were accessed


Add New Workflow

The button that enables you to create a new workflow

You will know more about each of these components as you read through the subsequent sections.

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