Removing custom roles from users

Only a System Admin can take actions pertaining to custom roles. However, they can grant System Admin rights to other users, in turn granting them permission to take actions pertaining to custom roles.

To assign a role to the user,

1. From the menu bar, click Manage users. The User Lists screen is displayed.

2. From User Lists, select the user list name to which the concerned user belongs.

3. Click on the name of the concerned user. The profile details of the user are displayed.

4. To remove a role that is assigned to the user, go to Assigned Roles, and click Edit.

You can now view the roles that are assigned to the user in edit mode. These roles are displayed with an x against them indicating they can be deleted.

5. To remove a role assigned to the user, under Assigned Roles, against the role that is to be removed, click x and then click Save.

As you can see in the above image, we have removed the role, Manager for the user, John Smith.

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