Updating the status for a step of the workflow

Updating the status for a step helps in tracking the progress of the workflow and also determines the action to be taken for a step.

In Defining conditions for a step, we defined two conditions that bifurcated the flow into two paths representing the expense greater and lower than Rs. 10,000/- respectively. To further continue with the Reimbursement Workflow (Refer Overview), for both these paths, the status needs to be updated to Request Raised. Let's look at how this is done.

Path 1: Claim amount <= 10000

When the initiator submits the form, and the expense reimbursement amount is up to Rs. 10,000, the status should be updated to Request Raised.

To do so,

2. Under the What should be the updated status? dropdown list, select the required status. In this case, it is Request Raised.

Can you update the status for Path 2: Claim Amount > 10,000 as Request Raised in a similar manner?

The end result will look like this:

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