Calculate field values

This feature is used to apply values from specific fields to calculate the value of other fields.

To calculate a field value,

1. Under Calculate field values, to enter a condition for calculating field values, click Set condition.

Let's say we there are 3 fields in a form: Number of days, Expense per day and Total expense. The Total expense can be calculated by using the formula: Total expense = Number of days * Expense per day. Let's add in a condition that the Total expenses field will only be auto-calculated if the Number of days is greater than 1.

2. To configure a condition for the calculation of a value for the field, under Calculate field values, click Set condition.

The Set condition screen is displayed.

2. To add a condition, click Add rule.

The option to add a condition is displayed.

3. To enter the condition, enter the required field name, operator and the field value and then click Apply.

The condition is added in the Calculate field values tab.

3. In the text area, enter the required formula using the keypad on the right.

To use the standard math functions namely algebraic, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, click Add func.

Add func. has 2 categories: Custom functions and Math functions.

Math functions are algebraic, logarithmic and trigonometric functions.

Custom functions includes some commonly used custom made javascript expressions like getDate(), getMonth(), Sum(), average() and more.

The Paste formula is auto-filled based on the formula entered in the text area.

4. In Select field for final output, select the field in which the calculated value is to be displayed.

5. To save the settings, at the bottom right of the screen, click Save.

Based on the formula and settings configured above, the Total expense field will be auto-filled whenever the Number of days field has a value greater than 1.

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