How to create forms?

Forms can be created by the:

Creating forms involves configuring 3 types for details for the form:

How to navigate to the Form Builder tool?

To create forms,

From the Studio dropdown-list, click Create forms.

You are navigated to the Basic details tab.

What are the components of the Form Builder user interface?

1. Basic details

In the Basic details tab, you are asked to enter a name for the form and its group details, configure form modification/deletion settings, and set up dependency relationships with other forms.

2. Build

In the Build tab, you can add fields to the form and configure their individual settings. This tab will determine how your form will look like to the end user.

3. Settings

In the Settings tab, you can configure additional settings for the form with respect to conditional logic for fields, customizing the layout and the table view of the form, page load behaviors and so on.

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