Defining the communication type

1. Selecting the type of communication

There are three types of communication that can configured for alerting the users:

We need to select the type of alert that you want to configure.

2. Selecting the receivers for your alerts

Once we select the type of alert to be configured, we need the select specific users or roles who are to receive the alert.

Learn more about selecting the receivers for email, SMS and app alerts.

3. Setting a condition for your alerts

We can configure a condition in which when met, the communication will be triggered and the alert will be sent to the selected users.

If no condition is set, the alert will be sent every time the alarm is triggered.

1. To configure a condition for alert, under Communication Conditions, click Set condition. The Set condition window is displayed.

2. Click Add rule, enter the condition as required, and then click Apply.

To configure more alerts, click Add Another Condition at the bottom left of the right pane.

After you've filled in the required details, on the bottom right of the screen, click Next. In the Step 3 screen, the Define schedule is displayed.

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