Kanban View

The Kanban view helps the users visualize the progress of their processes. It uses cards and columns to display the task summary and help users commit to the right amount of work.

Using the Kanban View Features

The Kanban view of the selected form is displayed.

The columns of the Kanban view can be sorted as per the form fields.

2. To sort the columns by fields, from the dropdown menu at the top of the Kanban view, select the field based on which you want to sort the columns and then click Apply.

Each form submission is displayed as a card. See the Set form card layout to configure the fields that should appear on the card.

You can move the cards from one column to another if sorted by the Status and Priority fields.

3. To move the cards from one column to another, drag the required card from one column and drop it into another.

Let's say we drag the Dummy Task card from the To be Picked column and drop it into the In-progress column.

As you can see, the Dummy task card has been moved to the In-progress column, and its Status has been updated to In-progress.

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