How to create applications using one resource platform

Looking forward to creating your first application or digitizing a business process on the One Resource Platform?

Let us guide you through the process with a practical example of digitizing a common business process. Before we dive into the platform and make our first application, let us understand the flow of digitizing a business process.

Steps to create applications

  • Step 1: We start by creating an organization inside one resource platform. Please contact us to create an organization and get started. Our team will create a subdomain for you with system admin credentials. All the login details will be emailed to you.

  • Step 2: Once the organization is created, a dedicated subdomain is assigned to you (e.g., if you create an organization by the name "mycompany" you can access the system through a browser by typing "https://mycompany.senpiper.com")

  • Step 3: After successful login to the URL following are the steps to create an application inside the system

  • Step 4: Once an application is created, you need to provide access to other users to the system and the group/application

  • Step 5: Create reports and analytics

    • Create reports

    • Publish reports

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