Submit button settings

Once a form is created, a Submit button is added to it at the bottom right by default.

The user can customize the color, size and the text that is displayed over this button using the Submit Button Settings.

To customize the Submit button,

1. In the Settings screen, from the left pane, select Submit Button Settings.

The right pane is divided into two parts:

  • Button Settings

  • Device Preview

2. In the Button Settings section, select the configuration as required:


Button Name

The text that should be displayed on the button

Button Background Color

The color of the button

Button Text Color

The color of the text that is displayed on the button

Select Button Font Size

The size of the text that is displayed on the button

Button name in other languages configured for this form

This is useful if the form is configured in other languages besides English. Through this option, the user configures the button name that should be visible to the user in selected languages.

As and when you select these button configurations, you will be able to see a preview of the form with the button in the Device Preview section. You can select to view the Mobile or Web application preview as per your requirement.

The use of the Device Preview pane is highly recommended as you can visualize the customizations you've made to the Submit button and make changes right away, if required.

  • The most common mistake made by users is selecting the same Button Background Color and the Button Text Color thereby causing text readability issues. This can be easily caught in the Device Preview mode.

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