What is the workflow builder?

One Resource’s Workflow Builder enables you to digitize, automate, and manage business processes efficiently within an organization. With the Workflow Builder, you can visualize these processes through a workflow diagram that dictates the flow/order of execution of these processes.

Can you give me an example of a process that can be automated using workflow builder?

A sample process that can be digitized with workflow builder

Let’s assume you’ve been tasked with the responsibility of digitizing a reimbursement process, this is how it would look like :

  1. You have to maintain a master dataset of items where new items (For which reimbursement can be requested by any employee)

  2. The employees will have access to a reimbursement form that can be filled out on both the mobile App & Web.

  3. Depending upon the reimbursement amount, it could be approved or denied at two levels.

    • If the reimbursement amount exceeds INR 10,000, it will be assigned to the direct manager.

    • Amounts greater than INR 10,000 would be assigned to the department head.

    • The Invoice image/PDF must be attached while raising the reimbursement.

  4. The manager and department head receive an Email and In-App notification whenever a reimbursement application is assigned to them.

  5. The employee receives updates about the final status of the application.

Check out the step-by-step guide here for creating this application on the One Resource platform

A workflow is always attached to a form. A form acts a a data collection layer and workflow builder helps define the process and how it will flow across different stakeholders

What are the features of One Resource's Workflow builder?

With the Workflow Builder, you can:

1. Design a UI-based workflow for a series of business processes in a linear or non-linear manner

2. Track the progress of the processes at various steps of the workflow

3. Create condition-based branches for targeted actions at various steps of the workflow

4. Assign a process to the appropriate users/vendors/ custom roles and set deadlines

5. Send timely notifications and reminders in the form of emails, SMS, In App alerts to relevant stakeholders during the process

6. Define a log of changes in the process for future reference and audit purposes

Why must you opt for One Resource's Workflow builder?

  1. An easily configurable user interface (UI)

  2. A significantly low cost for the development of the business processes

  3. Zero coding knowledge is required for the implementation

  4. Faster implementation of business processes

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