Using report data in forms

In the Section field, we can populate its fields using the data from reports.

For instance, we have a section for Location co-ordinates with the fields Latitude and Longitude. We want to import data for these 2 fields from a report called Location.

To achieve this,

1. In the settings for the Location coordinates section, turn on the toggle for Do you want to populate data in fields from a report? and then select the required report.

2. To map the fields of the form to the fields of the report, click Configure.

3. Select the fields of the form and map them to the respective fields of the report, and then click Apply.

As you can see in the above image, the Latitude and Longitude fields of the form are mapped to the Latitude and Longitude fields of the Location report.

4. While filling the form, the user has to click on Add Data To Submission.

The fields Latitude and Longitude will be populated from the report.

Fetch filtered report data based on a form field value

While creating the configuration to use the report data in a form submission, the user can also choose to get filtered report data based on a form field value provided the quoted form field exists in the section array where report data is to be used for submissions.

For example, wa report data based on 'Inventory form' which is being used for 'Item form' submissions. In 'Item form' there is a section array with different item names and their details which are to be filled with report data from 'Inventory form'.

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