More form options

To access more options that can be performed on the form,

  1. From the Groups dropdown-list, click on the group to which the required form belongs.

The list of forms belonging to the group are displayed along with their field details.

The list of actions that can be taken on the form are displayed.

3. From the list of actions, select the required option and proceed accordingly.

Let us look at each option in detail.

1. Make a copy

This option creates an exact replica of the form in a group. We can edit this form as per our requirement.

To make a copy of the form,

a. From the list of options, click Make A Copy.

The Copy Form window is displayed.

b. In the Copy Form window, enter the values for the following fields:


Select Group

Select the group in which you want to place the copy of the form

Form Name

Enter a name for the form

Clone Workflow

Turn on this toggle switch if you want replicate the workflow attached to the form

c. At the bottom right of the Copy Form window, click Copy.

The copy of the form is added to the selected group.

2. Enable Public Sharing

This feature allows us to share the link of form with the users with which they can submit the form without having to log into the One Resource platform or the mobile application.

To enable link sharing for the form,

a. From the list of options, select Enable Public Sharing and then in the confirmation box, click Yes.

The Share Form Url icon is displayed at the top right of the right pane.

b. To obtain the public link, click on the Share Form Url icon.

The link is displayed below the Share Form Url icon.

We can copy this link and share it with the users as required.

3. Archive Form

For information on archiving forms, see Deleting forms.

4. Form Template

We can refer form templates for obtaining the keys of various fields and properties of the forms. These keys are used to customize settings manually from the backend while configuring workflows and alarms.

To access the form template,

a. From the list of options, select Form Template.

The form template is displayed.

As we can see, the keys for the various form fields and attributes are displayed.

5. Select Preferred Fields

This feature allows us to select fields of our choice to be displayed on the cards in kanban and chat views of the form.

To select the fields,

a. From the list of options, select Select Preferred Fields.

You will be asked to select your required fields.

b. Select the required field(s) and then click Save.

6. Edit Pre-loader For This Form

This feature allows us to modify the pre-loader page that was created for this form. For more information on pre-loader pages, see Configure pre-loader.

To edit the pre-loader page for this form,

a. From the list of options, select Edit Pre-loader For This Form.

The Edit Pre-loader page is displayed.

b. Either enter the pre-loader content in the text area or in the Provide any other HTML URL field, enter the url for an external page that you want as a pre-loader and then click Edit.

The Define buttons to be shown to the user window is displayed.

c. Enter the button names as required and click Next.

The preview of the pre-loader page is displayed.

On the bottom right of the screen, click Edit and then in the confirmation box, click Yes.

The pre-loader page is edited successfully.

7. Edit Form

For information on editing forms, see Editing forms.

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