Designing the reimbursement workflow (Path 1)

Now that we have understood all the features, let us look into the settings required to configure the Reimbursement workflow as described in the Overview section. At every step, we will perform actions, and update the status based on actions and/or end workflow.

Path 1: Claim amount > 10,000

For path 1 with the condition: Claim Amount <= 10,000, let’s create the 3 buttons and configure settings for it.

As you can see, for the Approve button, we have set the button visibility to a company-defined role, Manager. Also, at this step, we have made the Remarks for Approval by Manager field visible, editable, and mandatory for the manager at this step.

Can you create the Reject button in a similar manner?

The 3rd button, Update, should be made available to the initiator for 15 minutes after submission. Let’s look at the settings for this.

These visibility and time settings ensure that once the initiator submits the form, the Update button is made available to them for 15 minutes through which they can make changes if any. Also, please pay attention to the Comment Log settings. They have been written in such a way that you can come back later and easily track the status of the submitted request.

Path 1 of the workflow ends here.

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