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This page helps you understand the basic structure of the Senpiper One Resource platform

Platform structure

Below is the basic structure of Senpiper one resource for digitizing your business processes.
How platform is structured
Let's explore the fundamental concepts of the platform

Concept 1: Company sub-domain

A subdomain helps the system identify an organization. For example, in a URL "mycompany.senpiper.com" the following is the subdomain "mycompany". All your applications configured on the platform reside inside your company subdomain.

Register a company by requesting the Senpiper team

Click here to raise the request and provide the subdomain of the company you want to register
Once Senpiper team creates your subdomain, your login credentials fo system admin will be shared with you over the provided email

Concept 2: Studio

Once a subdomain is registered, you can log into the company using the URL and start the configuration of the applications. Learn how to login into a company
Super users of the platform who are not technically savvy or don't know coding can digitize their processes using the studio. The Studio has the following tools that can be used to configure any application.
Studio Tools
Create groups for application configuration
To create froms inside groups
To attach the process flows to a form
To define communication and notification for a process
Report and dashboard builder
To configure reports/analytics and dashboards
To control different system settings like login settings, password management
To create and manage users

Concept 3: Workspace

Workspace is where your digital process/application resides once configured from the studio. Let's look at the workspace across different devices.