Types of group members

There are three kinds of roles for users inside a group:

Non-admin Users

A non-admin user of a particular group in the One Resource platform can perform the following actions within the group:

  • Make entries/submissions for a form

  • Initiate a group chat with the members of the group

  • Delete or update the submitted entries of a from if the "allow delete submissions" setting is enabled for the form

  • Add comments for the visible form submissions.

  • View the media folder inside a group

  • Take workflow action on a form submission

In a closed group, the Non-admin users can send chat messages only to the group admins and super admins

Group Admins

  • In addition to the Non-admin user privileges, admins can:

  • Add users to or remove users from a group.

  • Promote or Demote users to and from the group admin role

  • Broadcast messages in the form of text and multimedia

  • Submit forms that are visible only to group admins and super admins

  • View submissions of non-admin members in a closed group

Super Admins

As you can see, the type of group member is mentioned against the name of the group member. Additionally, the contact details (including email ID and phone number) of the group member are mentioned.

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