Adding users individually

To add users to a group individually,

1. From the menu bar, in the Groups dropdown list, select the name of the group to which you want to add a user. The group details are displayed.

3. To add a user to the group manually, at the bottom right of the screen, click Add Member. The details for the Add Member dropdown list are displayed.

4. From the Add Member dropdown list, click Add members manually. The Add Members window displays all the user lists that belong to the group from which you can search and select the group to be added.

5. To select the member to be added to the group, In the Search Members bar, select the filter by which you want to search the user and enter the value for the value selected. OR If you know the user list name that the user belongs to, click on the user list and select the name of the user from the list.

6. To add the user, at the bottom right of the Add Members window, click Add. The user is now a member of the group and is displayed in the member list.

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