Login option Preferences

1. Enable Login Options & Primary Login Option

System Admin can select Email, Phone, or both as a login preference user. And then admin can set a primary option for login for its users

2. Biometric Login for Mobile App

System admin can enable finger & face login for users for their mobile app. Both finger & face login depends on the user's device and its compatibility.

3. Blacklist Custom Roles for biometric login

System Admin can create an exception list for roles that shouldn't be able to login through finger or face match.

4. Auto-Logout

System Admin can set a default or a custom time after which the user will be automatically logged out of the platform from both the web & app.

5. Inactivity for users

What is Inactivity?

When a user is not using or hasn't login into the system for a certain period of time. An Inactive user will not be able to access the system unless marked as active by the system admin.

The System Admin can enable this setting by selecting a preferred option.

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