Assigning custom roles to users

Only a Super Admin can restrict access to users by assigning permissions to a role and assigning that role to a user. For instance, they can limit a user to only view other users, but not allow to edit or download any user data.

To assign a role to the user,

1. From the menu bar, click Manage users. The User Lists screen is displayed.

2. From User Lists, select the user list name to which the concerned user belongs.

3. Click on the name of the concerned user. The profile details of the user are displayed.

4. To assign a role to the user, go to Assigned Roles, and click Edit.

The list of roles is displayed in the dropdown menu.

5. Select the role(s) that you want to assign to the user from the list and click Save.

You can select multiple roles for the user, if required.

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