Mobile Applications

Once your Groups/Applications are configured successfully, users can use these applications over mobile on Android and iOS devices.

Start with the mobile application

  1. Download the senpiper App from the Google playstore or Apple App store

  2. Login into the mobile apps

Mobile App Overview

Once the user is successfully logged into the mobile application following options are available for users.


Workspace is the home screen for your mobile App where all the groups or configured processes/applications are listed.


The reports tab shows all the configured dashboards and analytics for your processes.


The Contact tab shows all the users present in the organization. A user can initiate one-on-one chat communication with other users in the organization in this tab. Click here to learn more about user management.


In the alerts tab user will find all the alerts received across all of the processes. To configure alerts in any process, please click here to learn more about alert configuration.

User Profile

The user profile section displays the details of the logged-in user. Click here to learn more about managing user profiles.


The settings section of the app shows different settings available for the users. The following settings are available for users.

Language settings

Using language settings user can select in which language the app content should be

The list of supported languages shown inside this setting can be customized. Please contact your system administrator to configure supported languages.

Notification settings

Using this setting user can mute/Unmute the notifications across groups/applications.

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