Set form card layout

The Form Card Layout feature allows you to customize the form submission card that is visible on the chat screen.

Given below is the default layout of the card. You can select up to 5 fields to be displayed per card.

To configure a card layout for the mobile application,

1. In the Settings screen, from the left pane, select Set form card layout.

The Choose preview fields to be visible on form card in App screen is displayed in the right pane.

2. To select the fields to be displayed in the card, click Select Fields (0) and then select the required fields.

The selected fields will be added to the Selected preview fields and Preview of how card will look like in App section.

3. To format the appearance of the fields in the card layout in the mobile application, in Select preview fields, against the required field, click Manage.

The format settings for the selected field are displayed.

4. Select the values as required for the settings given below and then click Apply.


Show the label of the field

Turn on this toggle switch if you want to display only the value of the field on the card

The field label will not be displayed on the card.

Select the size of the text to be shown on the card

Select the size of the text to be displayed on the card

Choose color of the text

Select the color of the text to be displayed on the card

5. If you do not want to show the last added comment in the card, turn on the toggle switch for

As you can see, the comment is removed from the card layout.

6. To save the settings, click Create Form or Update Form.

This is how the card layout will look like in the mobile application.

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