Automated user management

Automated user management allows you to manage a large set of users with minimal human involvement. With automated user management, you can specify criteria on parameters based o profile to add users to the group and remove users from the group.

E.g. You want to automatically add those users to a sample group "Technology coordination" whose profile has the value in the field "department" as "technology"

If the value in the department is updated to something else like "accounts" those users should be removed automatically from the above-mentioned group

Specifying these criteria makes the system detect changes in the user profiles and propagate those changes within the group automatically.

The benefits of Automated User Management are:

  1. Reduces manual data handling, thus reducing the chance of error

  2. Gives the system admins a greater access control

  3. Reduces the workload of system admins significantly since the tedious task of adding or removing members is automatically handled by the system.

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