View Alarm event details

Alarm Builder provides us with an aggregated view of the details of an alarm trigger for every form submission. To access this view,

1. Navigate to the list of existing alarms with the steps given on the Setting up an alarm page.

2. From the list of alarms, Click on the Event Details column to view separate events on a custom alarm

The Event details of the selected custom alarm are displayed. The alarm event details are organized into 2 sections:

  1. The card view for the number of alerts that were successful, cancelled and failed

  2. The table view provides the details for individual alarm events.

The table view provides the following details of each individual alert:


Scheduled on

The time for which the alert was scheduled

Executed on

The time at which the alert was received

Status of event

The status of the event that triggered the alert if it was successful, cancelled or failed


The reason for failure or cancellation of an event

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