Group Settings

Group Settings

  1. Renaming the Group

    1. To rename a group, open the group and tap the group name.

    2. Tap the pencil icon and replace the current name with the new one

    3. To save changes click ok, to discard changes click cancel.

  2. Downloading group details

    1. To download the group details, tap the refresh icon

    2. How to access data ?

  3. Adding participants to group

    1. To add participants to the group click the ‘_’ icon from _ or scroll down and tap on the add member function.

      1. Select the recipient from the list or search individually

      2. Tap on the contact and they’ll be added to the group

  4. Changing group display picture

    1. Open the group overview and tap the camera icon

      1. Select an image from the Gallery and upload

      2. Alternatively you can click a live picture using camera and set it as the profile picture


Show scheduler to Admins and super admins

Admins/super admins of group can create recurring schedules using the scheduler

Show “Assigned to you” button to all users

Under this button users can see all the tasks that are allocated to them

Show Learning center to all users

Learning center enables admins to upload content for group users for their training or learning

Show Poll option under chat

Poll option can be used to conduct polls on any topic within a group

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