Send an SMS

Selecting the communication type

For configuring the type of alert, under Select communication type, enter/select the values for the following fields:

Select communication type

Select SMS as the type of alert that you want to configure

SMS Body

Enter the text that you want to send in the SMS

Mark SMS as promotional

Turn on this toggle switch if you want to send a promotional alert message

Note: To fetch and send out dynamic values in the alerts, use the following syntax:[[$<key of the field>]]

Please refer to the above image for an example of the use of keys for dynamic values. In this example, e is the key that is obtained from the backend, the dynamic value of which will be sent out in the SMS.

You are required to go through a few additional steps for whitelisting SMS templates before the system can send out messages:

  1. Get your message template whitelisted from a DLT platform and obtain a template ID.

  2. Enter this template ID in a bulk SMS provider platform and get it accepted.

You can now manage your SMSes and templates in the bulk SMS provider platform. For more information, see

Selecting the receivers for your SMS

For configuring the receivers of the alert, under Select receivers, select the required options from the fields below:


Users who are present in company defined roles

You must select the roles to which the SMS is to be sent.

Phone Numbers from a particular field in the form

You must select the fields, having the Phone Number to which you want to send the SMS alert.

Custom Phone number list

You must enter the Phone Number(s) to which you want to send the SMS alert.

Setting a condition for your alerts

Now the last stage is where we configure the notification alerts to be sent out based on a predefined condition.

Refer to the steps to configure a condition for alerts here.

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