Log in to the platform

This page will help you understand the process of log in to the platform

How do I log in to a company?

Web login

Open the browser and type the URL with your subdomain mentioned e.g. if the subdomain is "mycompany" then the login URL would be "mycompany.senpiper.com"

App login

  1. Download the senpiper App from the Google playstore or Apple App store

  2. Once the App is installed, enter the subdomain for your company

Configure Login Options

One Resource platform provides the ability to customize the login options for a sub-domain. This permission is enabled for the System Administrator of the company. Click here to learn more about configuring the login options for any domain

How do I find my subdomain?

  • If you are starting fresh click here to register a subdomain

  • If your subdomain is registered, then please contact your system admin for details

Once the Senpiper team creates your subdomain, your login credentials for system admin will be shared with you over the provided email

What are the privileges of a system admin?

A system admin is a user who can manage all the aspects of the Senpiper platform

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