Send an App Notification

The steps given below are used to configure app notifications in both web and mobile applications.

Selecting the communication type

For configuring the type of alert, under Select communication type, enter/select the values for the following fields:

Select communication type

Select Notification as the type of alert that you want to configure

Notification title

Enter a title for your notification

Notification body

Enter the text that you want to send in the notification

Note: To fetch and send out dynamic values in the alerts, use the following syntax:[[$<key of the field>]]

Please refer to the above image for an example of the use of keys for dynamic values. In this example, e is the key that is obtained from the backend, the dynamic value of which will be sent out in the alert.

Selecting the receivers for your app notification

For configuring the receivers of the alert, under Select receivers, select the required options from the fields below:


Users who are present in company defined roles

You must select the roles to which the Notification alert is to be sent.

Email IDs and Phone Numbers from a particular field in the form

You must select the fields, to the values of which you want to send the Notification alert

Display configurations

For configuring the display for the app alert, under Display Configurations, select the required options from the fields below :


Priority Name

Enter a name for priority to be displayed with the associated notification

Choose color

Select a color for the Priority label that will be diplayed on the card from the color palette at the right. This field will be autopopulated based on the color selected.

Set Alert Notification Ringtone

Select a ringtone for the app alert

Set Alert Notification Ringtone Frequency

Select the frequency at which the app alerts are to be sent

Can user swipe to dismiss the notification?

This feature is applicable to mobile phones only. Select Yes if you want to allow the user to be able to dismiss the notification from the lock screen.

Setting a condition for your alerts

Now the last stage is where we configure the notification alerts to be sent out based on a predefined condition.

Refer to the steps to configure a condition for alerts here.

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