Conditional values of fields

Simply put conditional setting means, filtering the data of a dropdown field based on the selection of an option in the previous dropdown field. When we say dropdown field, it means a select/multiselect/radio type of field where the user has a list of options to choose for the value of the field.

How do we do this?

Let's create two select type of fields. One is the field Country with options India/USA/Canada and the other field is City with options Delhi/Mumbai/California/Washington/Toronto/Ottawa.

So, we set a mapping of options. If for the field Country, option India is chosen then only relevant options for the field City are shown to the user, that is Delhi and Mumbai. For the Country chosen USA the options shown for City are California and Washington, for the Country chosen Canada the options shown are Toronto and Ottawa.

This can be carried further. If there is another dropdown field of District, then district options can be filtered based on the City options and so on.

How this looks while filling up the form?

When option India is selected then for the City only Delhi/Mumbai is shown to the user filling the form.

When option USA is selected then for the City only California/Washington is shown to the user filling the form.

Why do we need this?

This functionality enables the user filling the form to just fill in the first dropdown field and the following dropdown fields automatically gets filtered data relevant to the selection made in the first dropdown. This improves both the user efficiency and system efficiency by reducing the amount of data to be addressed.

Do I need to be connected to internet to be able to use this real time data filter?

Not really. The user creating the form has an option to save this mapping offline. That means, whatever mapping is created using this feature will be saved internally and the user filling the form can make use of this filter even when the internet is off and create a successful submission.

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