How to add a new workflow?

Let's create the reimbursement workflow as described in the Overview section. We will configure this workflow using the form Claim Reimbursement <<add public link>> located in the group Reimbursement.

To create a workflow,

1. From the Studio dropdown menu, select Workflow builder. The Workflows screen is displayed.

2. At the top right of the screen, click Add New Workflow. The Workflow details screen is displayed.

3. Enter/Select the values for the following details:



Value entered/selected

Select Group*

The group in which you want to create the workflow


Form Name*

The form for which you want to create the workflow

Claim Reimbursement

Workflow Name*

The name of the workflow

Reimbursement workflow

Workflow Description

The description for the workflow to be created

Please ensure that the form selected must contains a "Status" type field. Learn how to add status to a form

4. At the bottom right of the screen, click Create.

The view screen with the workflow diagram is displayed. You can start designing your workflow for your form here.

At this stage, you will see a node with the button, Submit of the Claim Reimbursement form. This is the first step of the workflow representing that the initiator has submitted the reimbursement form.

5. To save the configuration, click Apply changes. The workflow with the selected settings is saved in the system. We can come back later and edit the settings as required.

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