One of the prominent feature of Senpiper One Resource platform is its User Management tool that provides high flexibility in terms of providing permissions and assigning actions to its users.

User Management in Senpiper One Resource platform involves managing the following 3 entities:

  1. User: Any person using the One Resource platform

  2. Role: Roles define what actions users can take giving them a tailored set of abilities

  3. Group Member: A user added to a group who may be assigned to specific roles

What are the benefits of using One Resource's User Management tool?

  • Define clear responsibilities for all the stakeholders involved in your application

  • Implement role based access control

  • Grant access to users on a need to know basis

  • Easily configure access permissions

What are the key attributes of permissions?

  • Permissions are allotted only at the role level

  • At the user level, permissions are determined by the roles that they are assigned to

  • A single user can be assigned multiple roles

  • A role can be assigned to multiple users

  • You can assign unlimited number of permissions to users

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