Basic details

The basic details of the form consist of five parts as shown below:

1. General settings



Select Group*

From the dropdown-list, select the group to which you want to add the form

Form Name*

Enter a name for your form

Add Form Description

Enter a short description for the form This will be displayed under the form title.

The fields Select Group and Form Name are mandatory. A form cannot be created without entering values for these fields.

2. Form update and delete settings



Form entries can be updated after submission

Turn on this toggle switch if you want to allow the user to edit the entries after the form is submitted

Form entries cannot be deleted after submission

Turn on this toggle switch if you want to prohibit the deletion of entries after submitting the form

Visible only to group admins and super-admins

Turn on this toggle switch if you want to restrict the access of the form to only group admins and super admins

Enable system only submissions

Turn on this toggle switch if you want the system to create submissions of the form automatically based on the workflow configuration. The users can't manually submit these type of forms.

3. Language settings


Select language to be applied

Select the language in which you want to display the title of this form

Provide form name in other languages configured for this form

Here you can give the desired title in the selected language.



if the selected language is Hindi for the form "Reimbursement".

  1. The given title in the selected language will appear only when the user system language is in the selected language. Example: The title अदायगी will appear when the user system language is Hindi, else the form title will be rendered in English.

  2. The form title can be configured in more than one language.

To know more about language settings, see Language settings for fields.

4. Master data settings



Use form submissions as master data for other forms

This option helps to create the current form answers as master data

Apply master data to this form

This option helps to use master form data to fill in the current form data

Master records act as a source dataset in a process. (e.g. we need to have a drop-down of cities across multiple forms, So instead of asking user to fill cities manually every time in each form, we can create a master dataset of cities that can be used in different forms across the system.)

To know more about master data settings, see Master settings for fields and Master data settings.

5. Parent child relationship settings



Use form as a parent to other forms

This toggle helps to set the form in consideration as a parent form

Use this form as a child to other form

This toggle helps to set the form in consideration as a child form to an already created parent form in the same group

To understand the use cases, see Parent-child form settings.

6. Keep form submissions unique



Enable the uniqueness check

This setting ensures that the selected field has unique value in every form submission. No two submissions can have same value for the selected field/s.

Select field which will act as unique value for all submissions

Select the field for which you want to ensure unique value in every submission

What should be the behavior if a new submission is uploaded with same data

If a new form submission is created with duplicate value for the selected field, then what should be the desired acton that system should take.

List of actions to be taken if the value submitted for the field is not unique:

  1. Discard new submission – The new submission for the field will be removed, and the old submission will be retained

  2. Override previous submission – The old submission will for the field will be removed, and the new submission will be retained

  3. Throw an error – An error message will be displayed to the user

The uniqueness feature ensures that there is no duplication of any field values. For a given field, it restricts a user from submitting a value that already exists in the data from the previous submissions made to the form.

Important: The uniqueness check will apply to bulk submissions (submissions via uploading an excel) as well.

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