Adding multiple users to a user list

Creating and adding users to a user list can be repetitive and time consuming when done manually, especially if we need to create multiple users at once. Senpiper's One Resource platform gives you the option to import multiple users at once from a .csv file in one go.

To import users from a .csv file,

1. From the Studio dropdown list in the menu bar, click Manage users. The User Lists screen is displayed.

3. Under Step 1: Download template file, click Download. The template file is downloaded to your device.

4. Open the template file and enter the user details. The template file will have the user parameters as individual columns.

5. Enter the values in the columns as per the requirement and save the file to your device.

Here, we have entered values for 2 users in the template file as shown in the above image.

6. Go back to the Bulk User Upload screen and under Select excel file to upload, click on the Click here or drag and drop files here area.

7. Select the completed template file from your device and click Open.

The completed file is added under Select excel file to upload and is ready for uploading.

8. On the bottom right of the Bulk User Upload screen, click Upload and then in the confirmation box, click Confirm.

The users along with their details from the .csv file are displayed in the Audit Team user list.

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