Define conditions for a workflow step

Apply a condition

Sample use case

Let's say if you want to create two branches in a process. There is a field named as "Total Amount" in a form where you are applying the workflow. We need to apply a condition as follows

If Total amount is > 10000 then a new branch of workflow is created

If Total amount <= 10000 then a seperate branch is created

Start of a workflow

A workflow starts when a form is submitted, so when you start configuring a workflow the first item you will see is a "submit" button step. Submit button step has the following properties

  1. Node ID: This ID helps identify a step in the workflow. it follows a sequence n-1, n-2, n-3 ....etc

  2. Settings icon: Clicking on this icon helps you provide the process log when the form is submitted.

  3. "+" icon: which helps you define the further steps of the workflow

Let's apply a condition in the workflow builder

When you click the "+" icon next to the button system asks if you need to "apply a condition"

The Set condition window is displayed on the right. Click on "Add rule" to define the criteria

2. You can select the form field, Operator, and value while adding a rule

Example: In a process you want to create a condition, if "Total Amount" is > 10000 then create a branch

3. To save this condition, click Apply at the bottom right. The condition is added to the workflow in the following manner.

Question: Now that we know how to add a condition, can you add the condition: Total Amount <= 10000 similarly?

Answer: Click on "+" icon again in front of submit button and repeat the above steps

The final result will look like this:

You can add multiple conditions at a step as per the process requirement

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