Step 4 : Set up the communication

Step 4 : Communication upon actions between users

When certain actions take place, it is important that they are communicated to the stakeholder, something like the employee getting the notification of his reimbursement getting approved.

  1. There are 2 ways to setup a communication layer, from the workflow builder and the Alarm builder.

  • In this case we’ll use the workflow builder.

2. Open the workflow for the reimbursement process and click edit.

Now in the path 1 where we assigned the process to the department head, click the blue icon for ‘configure alerts’.

  • This is how it would look like, now go on and select send an alert and click configure on the right.

  • Our purpose here is to notify the department head that a reimbursement application has been submitted and assigned to them.

  • In this step we’ll create the title and the body for the alert and assign it to the department head.

  • Lastly click apply to finish setting up this alert.

  • In a similar manner you can add this to the other path where the manager gets a notification whenever they’re assigned a reimbursement case.

3. We will wrap this up by communicating to the employee the status of their reimbursement application.

  • In all the workflows that end with either approve or reject we’ll communicate accordingly with the employee.

4. Here we will select the initiator of the workflow as we need to communicate the output of the application.

Once you’ve configured an alert for all the possible outputs, Step 4 is complete.

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