Copy field values

This feature copies a value from one field to another based on a condition.

To copy a field value,

1. Under Copy field value condition, click Set condition.

The Set condition screen is displayed.

For instance, there are 2 section fields in a form, Current Address and Permanent Address. You want to autofill the subfields (Street name, City, Zipcode) of Permanent Address with the values filled in Current Address, if the user selects that Permanent Address is the same as Current Address. Refer the steps below to see how this condition can be added.

2. To add a condition, click Add rule.

The option to add a condition is displayed.

3. To enter the condition, enter the required field name, operator and field value and then click Apply.

The condition is added in the Copy field value condition tab.

4. Select the fields from and into which the value is to be copied.

The conditions for the subfields City and Zipcode can be added in a similar way.

5. To save the settings, at the bottom right of the screen, click Save.

Based on the settings above, the subfields of the Permanent Address are auto-filled when the user selects Yes for Is Permanent Address Same As The Current Address?

It's not mandatory to apply the condition. The field value can be copied from one form field to another without any condition as well.

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