Master Mapping

We'll start by creating a master form first where we would map the values.

In the basic details under 'Apply master data settings', turn on 'Use form submissions as master data for other forms'.

The master form would have 3 select type fields Purchase Type, Item Name & Item Price.

Purchase Type

Gadgets, Stationery, Pantry



Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor

450, 650, 1200


Pen, A4 Sheets

200, 450


Coffee, Muffins

200, 300

Once the options have been added go to Settings > Conditions > Conditional value of fields and map the data as per the table above.

Now we'll make the child form with similar fields.

Create another form with the select fields Purchase Type, Item Name & Item Price and a text field Employee Name.

Once we've made the form we'll pick master for the fields separately.

  • Click the settings icon next to the select fields and open Master data settings.

  • Toggle on 'I want to pick master for this field separately'.

  • Select the master form we made previously.

  • 'Select the master field from which value should be populate'

Similarly select master for the remaining two fields Item Name & Item Price.

Last step of the process would be adding conditional settings in this form.

Just like the master form, we'll map Purchase Type with Item Name and Item Name with Item Price.

Here's how it would look like to the end user.

As per the data in the master form, options would populate the select fields.

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