Basic details

This section contains the formatting and visibility settings of a button.



Name of the button*

The name for the button

Choose color

The color for the button

Select button type

The type of the button

Select button size

The size of the button

Select action that happens on button click

Select an event that should occur on clicking the button

Users who will see this button

Select the users for whom this button is to be visible

Users who have started the following steps

Select the initiator of the next step (Applicable when the next step is to be assigned to a user/role assigned to a previous step)

Enable users to provide remarks at click of this button

Turn on the toggle switch if you want to allow the assignees to enter remarks on clicking the button

So let's say we want to add an Approve button for the Manager at step 2. The Basic Details for this button would be:

As you can see, there are 4 important details for the Approve button.

  • It is self-explanatory that we have selected the Name of the button as Approve

  • On clicking the Approve button, the flow will continue and the next step will be assigned to the Department Head in the next step. So for Select action that happens on button click, we have selected Continue workflow so as to move the flow to the next step.

  • The Approve button is to be assigned to the Manager. The role Manager belongs to Company defined role category. Hence, for Users who will see this button, we have selected Company defined role and for Select roles to whom this button will be shown, we have selected Manager.

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