White-labeled Apps and custom domains

What is a white-labeled mobile App?

White-labeled apps are custom-branded mobile applications(Android and iOS) per the customer's branding guidelines. e.g. a customer can publish an App with the name "myApplication" on the Android play store or iOS App store with the following personalization

  • Users don't need to add the company sub-domain while logging in

  • Personalized App name on App store

  • App icon as per customer branding guidelines

  • Customized Splash screen

  • Customized color scheme as per customer branding

Is a white-labeled mobile app functionality different from the Senpiper Mobile Applications?

No, functionality wise the white labeled applications would be the same as Senpiper mobile App. The only difference is the personalization as per customer brand.

Users can use the configured applications/processes in both types of apps.

  • White-labeled mobile apps.

  • Senpiper mobile apps (add the company sub-domain while logging in)

What is a custom URL?

Senpiper Platform provides customers an option to use a custom URL to login on to the web platform.

By default, the URL created for a company is "mycompany.senpiper.com". customer can request a custom URL to login ( e.g. apps.mycompany.com) to the web platform

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