Unlocking user

How any user is locked?

While trying to log into any company, the user might enter the wrong password multiple times and click on the log in button. If the number of entering the wrong password exceeds the acceptable number set in the company settings, then the user is locked.

Who can unlock the user?

Only the user with company admin rights can unlock the user.

How the user can be unlocked?

There are two ways to unlock the user:

  1. If the company has Reset password settings configured then the locked user will see Reset Password button on the locked screen message as shown in the above image. Clicking on the Reset password button, the locked user will be able to reset the password.

  2. If the company doesn't have Reset password settings configured, then the company admin can unlock the user.

How the System admin can unlock the user?

The System admin can unlock the user using these simple steps:

  1. The System admin clicks on Manage users under the Studio tab.

  2. The System admin clicks on the user list in which the locked user exists. All the user of that user list are displayed in the table format on the right side.

  3. The System admin search for the locked user using the Search User functionality.

  4. The System admin clicks on the locked user to open its profile details.

  5. In the locked user profile details, the System admin clicks on Actions button and select the option Unlock User from it.

6. Clicking on the Unlock User option unlocks the user.

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