Form Table View

With table view, the form submissions and their details can be viewed in a tabular format. The status, priority, submitter details, submission date, the assignee of the task, and the fields of the form are displayed as columns of the table.

Accessing and customizing the table view

The form submissions are displayed in a tabular format.

The following columns are the metadata that is autogenerated by the system:

  • Action

  • Submitted By

  • Submitted On

  • Current Assignee

The rest of the columns are the various fields present in the form.

2. To view an individual form submission, under the Action column, click Details in the respective row of the table.

The selected form submission details are displayed.

3. To customize the table view, you have two options:

a. Column filter: You can select which columns (fields) you want to display in the table.

The column filter options are displayed.

  • Select the fields that you want in the table view of the form.

    The rest of the fields will be discarded from the table view accordingly.

b. Conditional filter: You can set a condition based on which the table columns will be displayed.

The Choose Filter screen is displayed.

  • Select the fields and add the required conditions using operators and field values.

    In the above image, a condition is added stating that only the values for the field Web Task Name that starts with 'a' should be displayed in the table view. Thus, only the Web Task Names starting with 'a' and their corresponding fields are displayed in the table.

Other options

  • At the top right of the table view, there are more options for the form data.


Upload data entries to the form in bulk

This is done in 3 steps:

  1. Download the excel template

  2. Fill the excel template with the required data entries that you want to upload

  3. Upload the filled excel template

Download data in excel format

You can customize the excel file and download data as per the name of the user, specific fields, or a specified date range.

Refresh the data in the table

Add a data entry to the form as a new form submission

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