Settings for Sign-up form

1. User List mapping

What is User list mapping?

Once the System Admin adds a few fields to the sign-up form, they need to select a user list to add the users to that list.

Why mapping Sign up form fields to the selected user list form field is necessary?

Upon mapping form fields in the sign-up form, the data entered by the user will be saved in the mapped field of the user list making it easy for the system admin for any future reference.

By adding different conditions, system admins can add as many users as they wish to one or several user lists

2. Add conditions to apply on the sign-up form builder

The Sign-up form builder setting works similarly to form builder settings. The system admin will be able to add multiple conditions on the sign-up form.

A list of conditions that can be added to the sign-up form builder are:

Once the user maps the user list and adds the conditions they can go on saving the sign-up form.

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