Groups Overview

Learn about the groups inside One Resource platform

What are groups?

A group interchangeably can be referred to as an application is a workspace for your digital processes. A company domain ( can have multiple groups. Each group contains the following basic entities.

Why do we need groups?

There can be multiple business processes or applications that may or may not be interlinked within an organization.

Groups provide a robust way to implement access control for different users and departments.

You can organize these entities into groups for better structure and access. The users belonging to a group can access the forms inside the group and collaborate using chat among different group members.

What are the prominent features of a group?

  • Multiple groups can be created within an organization.

  • All users who are a part of the organization may not necessarily be a part of all the groups.

  • Depending on the requirements, users can be added to groups to oversee a particular process of a company.

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