Group Chat Features


Broadcast allows you to send a message or attachment to multiple users of the group.

  1. To send a broadcast message tap the ‘megaphone' icon.

  2. Type in your message or attachment and send.

Conducting Polls

The chat view has an inbuilt feature of polling that helps you get sensing from all the participants of the group in a concise manner.

  1. Open a group with chat view and tap on the text box

  2. Click the paperclip icon on the chat screen and then select polls

    • Ask your question - Enter the subject of the poll

    • Add Option - Add different polling options for the voters

Poll Settings


Allow multiple choices

Allows the user to vote for more than 1 option

Send this as a broadcast

Sends the poll as a broadcast to all the participants of the group

Anonymous Poll

Does not disclose the identity of the voters

Answer Update

Allows users to change/update their answers

Show result immediately

Shows the users the poll result right after they've voted

Expires On

Allows user to set custom expiry date for the poll

Tap on create and the poll will be displayed in chat, where the group members can vote accordingly


The group chat allows you to send 8 different mediums of attachments ranging from pictures taken directly from camera to location.



Allows users to upload document files like PDFs and Word Documents


Camera allows users to take a picture from the rear camera


Allows user to upload picture from their phone's local storage


Allows users to record video from camera or upload them from their phone


Allows user to upload audio files


Allows user to search and share GIFs from a online media directory


Allows user to share their current location


Allows user to share contact information through the platform

To send an attachment in chat, open a group with chat view and tap on the text box, there the paper clip icon will show all types of attachment.

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