Delegating tasks

The System Admin has the authority to shift responsibility from one user to another, that is, to delegate tasks from one user to another. For instance, a user has five pending tasks but is not available to complete them, the System Admin can delegate those tasks to another user.

In order to delegate tasks,

1. From the menu bar, click Manage users. The User Lists screen is displayed.

2. From the left pane select the required user list to which the concerned user belongs. The list of users in the selected user list is displayed in the right pane.

3. Click on the name of the concerned user. The profile details of the user are displayed.

4. From the More Actions dropdown list, select Delegate tasks to another user.

The Delegate tasks to another user window is displayed.

5. From the options provided, select the type of task that needs to be delegated and then click Next.

6. Select the user list and then select the user(s) to whom you want to delegate the task.

7. To delegate the tasks to the selected user, on the bottom right of the Delegate tasks to another user screen, click Assign Tasks and then in the Confirm task assignment window, click Confirm.

The selected tasks will be assigned to selected users.

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