Configuring button settings for a step of the workflow

Users can take actions at a particular step of the workflow by clicking pre-defined buttons. Let us understand how these buttons are defined with custom properties.

As given in the Overview, we have initiated the workflow, defined conditions and updated the status for step 1. Now the next task to complete step 1 would be adding the following buttons.

  • Two buttons Approve and Reject should be made visible in the form to the Manager.

  • An Update button should be made visible in the form to the initiator for 15 minutes after submission in case, they want to make any changes.

1. For adding a button for a step, click Define Future Actions. Let us continue with the settings configured for the node created in the Updating the status for a step of the workflow section.

The Define Actions window is displayed on the right.

2. Since, we want to create 3 buttons, click Add New Button. The button details and settings window is displayed. You can select the settings as required by your business process.

Please read through the sub-sections to know more about each button setting in detail.

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