What are the steps to create a workflow?

Follow the steps below to configure a workflow for business processes using One Resource’s Workflow Builder:

  • Identify the flow of business processes to automated.

  • Determine where the process starts, ends and the sequence of steps in between.

  • At every step of the workflow,

    1. Find out who is accountable and assign roles accordingly.

    2. Check if any conditions are to be applied for moving the processes along the workflow.

  • Once you have your processes and their flow details, configure your workflow diagram easily in One Resource's Workflow Builder interface.

  • Add notifications and reminders, if required, for the concerned stakeholders at any step(s) of the process.

  • Test the workflow you created.

What are the pre-requisites for creating a workflow?

  1. The user must be logged into the One Resource platform.

  2. The user creating the workflow must have administrative rights to access the Workflow Builder.

  3. The roles and users that will participate in the workflow must be created in the system. Learn how to create custom roles

  4. The form based on which the workflow is to be designed must be created in the system. learn how to Create a form.

  5. The form based on which the workflow is to be created must contain the Status field. It is this field that will help identify the current stage of the task and set up the assignees for the form or task.

Note: We cannot set up a workflow for a form that does not have a ‘Status’ type field. The Status field is a simple dropdown-menu field where you can define the various stages of the workflow. Learn how to add a status field

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