What is a form?

A form is a database where you can capture information about a business process. This platform provides a UI where you can drag and drop fields and apply logic to create and edit your forms.

What does a form builder do?

One Resource's From Builder tool lets you:

  • Create personalized forms specific to your business process without any coding knowledge

  • Design forms with ease using its user-friendly interface and the drag & drop functionality

  • Collect data efficiently from the users with the help of around 25 field types, each of which has customizable properties

  • Easily validate the inputs received from the respondents to avoid duplications and redundancies.

  • Simplify complex forms by grouping relevant fields into one section

Who can create forms?

Forms can be created by the:

What are draft forms?

Forms are saved as drafts when the One Resource application shuts down unexpectedly while you are creating/editing the forms. This could be due to accidentally closing tabs or quitting browsers, system crashes, network problems and so on.

You can view the drafted forms on the Form Builder homepage.

Note: Only the last three opened forms are drafted. So, you will not see any forms that were accessed prior to the last 3 opened forms in the list of drafted forms.

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